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May 2, 2018

Iowa Culture Mobile App

The Iowa Culture app helps Iowans and out-of-state visitors alike to discover, enjoy and share the thousands of arts, culture and historical experiences of the Hawkeye State. The app was developed and is managed by the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs and its constituent agencies, including the Iowa Arts Council (IAC), which identified more than 600 arts locations and resources for it. The app enables users not only to plot their cultural excursions but also to save and share their Iowan adventures by using the hashtag #iowaculture. The app’s users can browse more than 3,500 cultural opportunities—located across 56,272 square miles throughout Iowa’s 99 counties—by geographic location, destination type and tour theme. Since the app launched in 2015 with a formal announcement at the Iowa State Fair by Governor Terry Branstad, it has attracted nearly 13,000 unique users with the help of its Partner Promotional Kit, which is available for free to museums, galleries and other entities interested in reaffirming Iowa as a cultural destination. Find out more from IAC Administrator Matt Harris.

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