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Grant Making

State arts agencies (SAAs) directly serve the public through grants for artists, arts education, organizations and communities. Explore the many facets of state arts agency grant-making data including trends, fact sheets and topical analyses.

Essential Grant Making Data

Grant Making Fact Sheets

NASAA’s annual reports on state arts agency grant making trends by grant type

State Arts Agency Grant Making and Funding

An interactive dashboard with data from the past 40 years on aggregated state arts agency grant-making trends


National Endowment for the Arts Grant Making

Dynamic Data: SAA Grant Making Explorers

Member Services

Members can request custom benchmarking reports that compare their agency’s funding and grant making over time and/or against their peers. These reports provide an overview of the SAA and are useful for council meetings, strategic planning sessions and legislative testimony.

Other Grant-Making Resources

Photo Credits

With support from the California Arts Council, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts is working with intergenerational Richmond blues artists to engage Richmond youth and community members in a series of workshops, concerts and public productions honoring the city’s historical legacy as a recognized hub for blues music on the West Coast from the 1940s through the 1960s. Photo courtesy California Arts Council

The Circle Project originated at NASAA’s 2018 Mid-Atlantic Teaching Artists Retreat. Photo by Lena McBean, Edwin Remsberg Photography

Mark Newberry, master chair maker, scoring a hickory log in preparation for stripping inner layers of bark. Photo by Bradley Hanson