NASAA Notes: June 2021

June 2, 2021

To Accelerate Our Economic Recovery, Look to the Arts

The arts have a long history of fortifying communities during times of need. Providing ample inspiration, the arts connect people to each other and to ideas that underpin our shared humanity, and during times of crisis, our paths forward. I have also experienced firsthand the power of the arts to help fuel economic comebacks from the devastating impacts of disasters, like hurricanes. Mitch Landrieu and I recently penned an article on this subject for Governing, and it was published on May 28. As the public sector grapples with the country’s need for economic recovery, the article reminds us that standing up the arts and creative sector helps to revive other important sectors, too. Please check it out and feel free to share it with your networks.

To Accelerate Our Economic Recovery, Look to the Arts

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