To Accelerate Our Economic Recovery, Look to the Arts

June 1, 2021

Greetings to NASAA members and colleagues:

It’s heartwarming to see communities begin to bustle again after our long pandemic lockdown, but the economic damage caused by COVID-19 is far from over. The arts have an important role to play in sparking economic recovery for everyone. We need to carry that message to more policymakers—and NASAA has good news to share on that front!

Creative sector events like the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival were pivotal to Louisiana’s economic recovery. Pictured: the Brass-A-Holics, photo by kowarsky.

Governing has just published To Accelerate Our Economic Recovery, Look to the Arts. Coauthored by Pam Breaux and Mitch Landrieu, this article builds on extensive research showing that the creative sector helps communities rebound from severe economic shocks. To drive the point home, the article tells the story of how the arts catalyzed Louisiana’s economic recovery after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Governing is a well-known source for policymakers seeking information on public-sector change, technology and community design. We’re excited about this media outlet, which reaches governors, mayors, county executives, city and county council members, state legislators, and career public servants. It’s a positive strategic move to be elevating the arts and creativity with this audience.

You can help us spread the word even further! Please share the Governing article with leadersarts, business and governmentin your state. If you’re interested in drafting an op-ed for your own state or local media outlets, you can call on NASAA for ideas, relevant research or writing help. Together, we can help more communities recognize the benefits of integrating the arts into their recovery and resilience planning.

We appreciate all you do to help people and places thrive through the arts!

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Pam Breaux, NASAA President and CEO

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Kelly Barsdate, NASAA Chief Program and Planning Officer