NASAA Notes: July 2021

July 7, 2021

Oklahoma: Wellbeing Committee and Resources

Help Your House” video raises awareness of mental health. Video by Oklahoma House of Representatives, courtesy Oklahoma Museums Association. The posting of this video does not imply endorsement by the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

The Oklahoma Wellbeing Committee is the result of a new partnership between the Oklahoma Arts Council (OAC), Oklahoma Museums Association, Oklahoma Humanities and other cultural leaders across the state. This committee is dedicated to providing training and resources to help both state employees and the entire arts and culture community grapple with ongoing stress. Initially a prepandemic initiative of the Oklahoma Museums Association, the Wellbeing Committee evolved into a statewide cultural partnership to meet the mental health challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic and larger inequities, including those around race, have presented.

The Oklahoma Wellbeing Committee draws on each partner’s strengths and own internal training and tools—such as OAC’s familiarity with arts therapy—to provide curated Wellbeing Resources that facilitate healthier mental and physical lives. The links, articles and guidelines address both current issues and continual commitments to well-being, such as:

  • maintaining well-being through creative expression
  • COVID-19 fatigue
  • return-to-work anxiety
  • racial trauma
  • family wellness and relationships

Other resources offered include an Expert Voice Speaker Series featuring five unique speakers on overarching themes such as stress management, the benefits of creative expression, and stories of historical loss, trauma and resilience—all funded through an Institute of Library and Museum Services grant. An additional partnership with the Oklahoma House of Representatives resulted in a “Help Your House” video (above) that highlights the importance of caring for mental health. Together, these resources tie into the larger statewide goal of supporting mental health engendered by Oklahoma First Lady Sarah Stitt. An initial part of this was internal statewide training featuring the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, which is now widely available through the program’s well-being resources.

For more information about the Oklahoma Wellbeing Committee and the role the OAC plays, contact OAC Deputy Director Chandra Boyd.

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