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April 7, 2020

From the Research Team

Interactive Database of State Creative Economy Studies

Every state holds unique cultural assets that drive their creative economies and uses a variety of methods to measure this economic contribution. NASAA’s new and improved Interactive Database of State Creative Economy Studies (IDSCES) showcases the wide-ranging approaches states use to identify and quantify their creative economies.

IDSCES is a useful companion to the Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account (a partnership of the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and the National Endowment for the Arts) and NASAA’s Creative Economy State Profiles. It can be used to understand how states define their creative economies and the variety of data points available to articulate the economic value of the arts.

Drawing on 109 publicly available creative economy studies conducted in 45 states, the database unearths research methods tailored to describe each state’s economic environment, including in-depth case studies, input-output (economic impact) models, surveys, secondary data reporting, indexing systems and mixed-methods approaches.

New this year, we have made some improvements to the search functions of the database. Now you can:

  • search by state using the map or dropdown menu
  • select which regions you want included in your search
  • click a year on the timeline to find reports published at a specific time

After you have narrowed your search, select a particular state study to reveal its purpose and methods as well as a link to the full study.

Learn more about how IDSCES is situated within NASAA’s suite of creative economy resources by reading State Arts Agencies and Creative Economy Research: Frequently Asked Questions. For help accessing and using creative economy resources for your state, contact NASAA Research Manager Patricia Mullaney-Loss.