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August 8, 2018

Ohio: ArtsNEXT

ArtsNEXT grantee MorrisonDance employs vertical dance, an innovative style of movement that incorporates climbing, in a performance at Cleveland’s Ingenuity Festival. Photo courtesy of Bob Perkoski Photography

ArtsNEXT is a forward-thinking funding program of the Ohio Arts Council (OAC) designed to incentivize innovation and experimentation in Ohio’s arts ecosystem. With grants of $5,000-$20,000, the program funds projects that pilot new solutions to challenging problems, engage the public in new ways or otherwise push boundaries that make Ohio an exciting, cutting-edge place to make, consume and experience the arts. In particular, the program supports projects undertaking “incremental innovation,” such as a new marketing strategy; “transferable innovation,” such as replicating a proven practice from another industry or community; or “disruptive innovation,” such as radically changing the delivery of an arts experience. Grant funds, which do not cover small or routine improvements to established programs, may be used for costs associated with collaborating artists, project planning, marketing, education and evaluation. Eligible applicants include arts and culture groups as well as social service organizations, government entities, schools and universities with arts programming. Applicants must have nonprofit intent but are not required to be registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization. OAC gives priority to applicants proposing a project designed to improve the accessibility, affordability and/or diversity of arts experiences. OAC Organizational Programs Coordinators Brianna Dance, Janelle Hallett and Jim Szekacs can share more about the program.

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