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November 7, 2008

Ohio: Focusing the Light: The Art and Practice of Planning

In fall 2008, the Ohio Arts Council released Focusing the Light: The Art and Practice of Planning. The seven-volume series is comprised of texts that provide strategies, tips and techniques for successful planning, advocacy and evaluation for those who work in the arts and nonprofit industry. The series covers arts advocacy and strategic planning as well as broader planning topics. In addition to the text series, the Ohio Arts Council has developed the Focusing the Light iTool. The iTool is a logic model designed to create visual and text snapshots of programs. Logic models combine words and graphics to show how programs work. The iTool illustrates clear connections between needs, inputs, activities and desired outcomes. It can be used during the planning process and also to present, implement and evaluate a plan. For more information about either the series or the iTool, contact Ohio Arts Council Deputy Director Mary Campbell-Zopf.

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