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November 7, 2008

Vermont: The Art of Action: Shaping Vermont's Future through Art

The Art of Action: Shaping Vermont’s Future through Art is the result of a partnership between the Vermont Arts Council and entrepreneur/philanthropist Lyman Orton. Building on the research conducted by the Council on the Future of Vermont, the project will commission 10 visual artists to create two-dimensional works addressing issues pertaining to Vermont’s economic, environmental and social challenges. Meant to engage artists from Vermont, the United States and around the world, the project generated more than 300 responses. Each of the 20 finalists will receive $2,500 to develop and present their proposals, after which 10 winners will be commissioned—at an average of $25,000—to realize their proposals. The commissioned suites of artwork will be exhibited from October 2009 through May 2010, then will be made available to the public through an auction or sale. For more information, visit The Art of Action Web site or blog, or contact Project Director John Zwick at the Vermont Arts Council.

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