NASAA Notes: January 2023

January 3, 2023

NASAA Resources to Fuel the Season

As states enter legislative sessions this winter, NASAA provides several customized tools to assist with educating legislators and the public about the role of state arts agencies in supporting the powerful, cross-sector impact of arts and creativity.

NASAA knows that individual states have an array of strategies to inform the public and elected officials about state arts agency programs and services. NASAA’s website is a treasure trove of useful case-making information, with research and advocacy resources that help state arts agencies and their partners communicate specific messages around the economic, educational, community well-being and other positive impacts of the arts and state arts agencies.

Arts Investment Fact Sheets and Maps

Whether you’re looking for federal or state level data, NASAA has you covered.

Our updated National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Arts Investment Fact Sheet for 2023 offers a succinct set of talking points that highlight the importance of the federal-state partnership in supporting the arts in America. Additionally, custom NEA Arts Investment Fact Sheets with state maps can be generated for members upon request.

NASAA members can always request customized maps showing the distribution of NEA and/or state arts agency grants by a variety of geographies, including U.S. congressional districts and state legislative districts.

Messaging and Data Guidance

In addition to research, maps and data, NASAA can assist with crafting messages based on powerful evidence in ways that will resonate with diverse stakeholders and constituents.

Arts and Creativity Strengthen Our Nation: A Narrative and Message Guide shows how to make a case for public support of the arts as a core necessity. Its recommendations originate from message testing and research on what motivates elected officials.

NASAA’s The Practical Advocate series provides clear and succinct advice for advocates looking to separate fact from fiction, assert key messages and communicate virtually.

Our federal updates keep you current on the latest congressional deliberations that affect cultural policy and funding for the NEA.

Whether you need messaging advice, data or the latest news from Capitol Hill, NASAA staff is available to help. Contact NASAA Senior Director of Research Ryan Stubbs to request information and resources or to learn more.

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