NASAA Notes: February 2023

February 1, 2023

From the Research Team

New Arts in Transportation Strategy Sampler

NASAA recently released a new Strategy Sampler, Arts in Transportation, exploring the symbiotic relationship between arts and transportation. Arts can enhance all aspects of transportation, from transforming public spaces to enriching the traveler’s experience. The transportation arena provides the community space and opportunity for art. However, initiating and sustaining partnerships between arts and transportation agencies can be a complex undertaking.

This Arts in Transportation Strategy Sampler assists state arts agencies in understanding the environment of transportation planning. It provides an in-depth look at four state arts agencies that have worked with transportation agencies to bring arts and creativity to transportation experiences. Also included in the sampler are tips, resources, and talking points that can help agencies and policymakers bridge the two fields.

If you have questions about how this information can be valuable to your work, contact NASAA Research Manager Mohja Rhoads.

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