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December 6, 2022

Brimming with Gratitude

As I settle into the holiday season, I am brimming with gratitude for the many contributions state arts agencies provide. Whether contributing to communities, the arts field or each other, state and jurisdictional arts agencies (SAAs) are ensuring that towns, rural and remote regions, and larger cities have access to the many benefits of the arts. You are fortifying artists and arts organizations for postpandemic work. Your efforts are also strengthening communities all across America, helping people connect and reconnect through shared artistic and creative experiences. Further, as you connect to each other, you’re strengthening the network that sustains us all for the work ahead. I remain inspired by and grateful for your service.

I’m just as grateful for a highly engaged board of directors that brings perspectives from 21 states and jurisdictions to the table. Led by the incomparable Omari Rush, the NASAA board centers member experiences. It’s a pleasure to welcome new board members to the table as well. NASAA members elected to the board Sean Falcon Chandler (council member, Montana Arts Council), Quanice Floyd (council member, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities) and David Platts (executive director, South Carolina Arts Commission), who all jump-started their tenures recently at our board orientation.

Committees also extend the reach of SAAs into the work of NASAA. Thanks to so many of you who said yes when asked to serve. Almost 40 states and jurisdictions are represented across our association’s committees, and our planning, finance, governance and policy efforts are strengthened by such robust representation from across the network.

I am also grateful that our organization remains in a healthy and solid financial position. Member dues, National Endowment for the Arts partnership program support and earned income strategies ensure that NASAA’s fundamental services to SAAs continue to move forward. NASAA donors, both individual and foundation, create critical opportunities for added value to those core services. Thanks to them! Donors make it possible for NASAA to expand advocacy initiatives and field professional development and programmatic services, like the creative aging work we are privileged to conduct in partnership with E.A. Michelson Philanthropy.

Most of all, NASAA’s efforts to strengthen state arts agencies would not be possible without the incredibly hard work of our staff team. Just one look at the action plan highlights from our recently completed 2022 fiscal year demonstrates just how much the team accomplishes. I am beyond grateful that they choose to contribute their talents and time to activating our mission, and they do so with passion and conviction for the important role of state arts agencies in advancing arts and creativity and strengthening the country.

As my cup overflows with gratitude to our network and supporters, my holiday season wish for each of you is that your days ahead are loaded with all the joy, family, friends, inspiration and peace that’s possible for your hearts to hold.

I look forward to our days ahead in 2023.

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