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Thank You

NASAA’s Signature Supporters have an extraordinary impact on our ability to inform, advocate, influence and connect. These generous donors help us create long-term solutions for the arts in our country. We couldn’t do what we do without them!

NASAA is delighted to recognize the vital commitment of our Annual Fund supporters. These loyal donors inspire us daily and provide the steady support that makes it possible to carry out our mission.

NASAA is deeply grateful for the dedication and support of our partners. Their vision and generosity is a great vote of confidence in our work.

Signature Supporters

Signature Supporters are individuals and family foundations who invest in NASAA’s mission with an annual gift of $1,000 or more. These amazing donors help us influence key decision makers at the highest levels and transform government investment in the arts in our country. Join this group of dedicated philanthropists and arts champions whose generous support plays a direct role in NASAA’s success. Become a NASAA Signature Supporter today.


Anonymous 10
Nola Ruth 12
Ginger Warner 12

$10,000 - $24,999

James Dicke 1

$5,000 - $9,999

Barbara Robinson – Robinson Family Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland 19
John and Pat Strickland 11

$2,500 - $4,999

Stephanie Conner 10
Todd Lowe 14
Bruce Richardson 15

$1,000 - $2,499

Ruben Alvarez* 1
Patricia Bizzell 14
Pam Breaux 16
Donna* and Howard Collins 9
Lyndra Daniel – The Daniel Foundation of Alabama 7
Camellia El-Antably 11


$1,000 - $2,499 (con't.)

Michael Faison* and Gisela Zechmeister 14
Christian Gaines 5
Margot Haliday Knight 9
Kara and David Milner 4
Sylvia Prickett 9
Omari Rush* 6
Laura Smith 19
Lisa and Andy Weil 7
Stuart Weiser 10

Annual Fund Donors

We’re so grateful to donors to NASAA’s annual fund. Your monthly and annual gifts support our advocacy, research, leadership training, and other programs and services that strengthen state arts agencies. Join this inspiring and growing list of loyal donors today!

$500 - $999

Dominique Alfandre & Thomas Palmer 2
Lona Barrick 8
Kelly Barsdate 12
Karl Blischke* 5
Theresa Colvin 12
Christian Gaines* 3
Gary Gibbs 13
Onesti Krieger 2
Rita Mansour 1
Miah and Jonathan Michaelsen 2
Ivonne Chand O’Neal* 2
Susan Steinhauser and Daniel Greenberg 10
Matthew Stringer 2
Julie Vigeland* 9

$250 - $499

Lisa and James Alderman 9
Anonymous 12
Victoria Bourns 5
Robbie Breaux 1
Dr. Roger C. and Carol Brooks 11
Jacqueline Copeland 1
Jaime Dempsey 11
Michael Donovan 8
Cathy Edwards 5
Alma Gates 3
Sue Gens* 10
Monica Guzman 8
David Haist 1
Karen Hanan* 7

$250 - $499 (con't.)

Margaret Hunt 12
Julia Madden 3
Ken May 12
Josie Mendoza 6
Dana Payne 1
Mary Regan 13
Randall Rosenbaum 14
Thomas P. Preston and Laura A. Scanlan 4
Mary Margaret Schoenfeld 11
Heather Smith 2
Harlen Springer 1
Ronald Stith 4
Suzette Surkamer 18
Kurt Wehmann 2

$100 - $249

Cyndy Andrus 8
Julia Arger 6
Eduardo Arosemena-Muñoz 3
Barbara Bacon 4
Lee and Jacqueline Berry 9
Barbara Bershon 10
Alice Bioff* 2
Michael Bobbitt* 1
Robert Booker 20
Suzanne Boskoff 12
Bill and Ruth Botzow 14
Ardell Brede 3
David Briggs 13
Benjamin Brown 14
Gin Brown 6
Renee Chatelain 2
Tom and Lisa Cordingley 8
Jo Crandall 13
Delores Crawford 4
Patricia and Dennis Dewey 13
Loie Fecteau 13
David Fraher 16
William Francis 20

$100 - $249 (con't.)

Tatiana Gant 7
M. Jennifer Green 2
Mark and Lynn Hofflund 17
Lisa Hoffman* 3
Shari Hofschire 1
Philip Horn 13
Katie Hughes 6
Marie Hunter 4
Jean Irwin 4
Janis Julian 1
George Koch 12
Kim Konikow 5
Deborah Kynes 1
Judy Langley 11
Wayne Lawson 6
Dr. Randall and Kelly Lengeling 10
Michael Markey 7
Mary W. McLaughlin 6
Jim Bob McMillan 7
Dorothy Pierce McSweeny 13
Lori Meadows 13
Gene Meneray* 3
Patti Nelson 6

$100 - $249 (con't.)

Jon Offutt 1
Michael Pangburn 10
Darlene Parman 1
Karen Paty 11
Molly Pratt 5
Richard Ritter 1
Hannah and Joe Robson 6
Brian Rogers 5
David Schmitz 2
Tom and Liz Schorgl 5
J. Barry Schrenk 7
Paige Sharp 2
Amber Sharples* 7
Dara Silver 1
Kenneth Skrzesz 5
Lorén Spears* 4
Janet Starke 4
Norman Stull 1
Beth Waldren 1
William White 1
Laura Wiegand 3
Suzanne Wise* 14

$50 - $99

Christopher Acebo 2
Carole Alexander 7
Richard Ayers 1
Avantika Bawa 3
John Bracey 8
Ms. Shawn Brevard 9
Susana Browne 4
Michael Burke 5
Dorothy E.F. Caram, Ed.D 5
Dr. Michael Dalton 2
Glenn Kwabena Davis 2
Rebecca Deem McGinnis 2
Jennifer Dreibelbis 4
Carla Du Pree* 3
Sandra Flores 1
Dia Foley 4
Mike Gardner 1
David Garza 2
Ann S. Graham 3
Robert Hankins 1
Tina Husted 1
Mayor Thomas Johnson 1
Daniel Katona 4
Dennis Kavanaugh 17
Elliot Knight 3
Maria Kompare 7

$50 - $99 (con't.)

Tony Manfredi 4
George Marks 4
Darryl Mehaffie 5
Sarah Merritt 3
Shelley Morhaim 8
Lisa Mount 1
Chiquita Mullins Lee 4
Justin Nigro 1
Dr. Shawn Oban 1
Carla Oesterle 1
Kathleen Perelka 1
Rhoda Pierce 14
Tony Pietricola 3
Elizabeth Shapiro 4
Patt and Stephen Sharp 2
Sandy Shaughnessy 13
Steven Skerritt-Davis 2
David Slatery 7
Emily Sollenberger Dobbins 1
Polly Sowell 1
William Stein 3
Searle Swedlund 3
Anne Taylor 1
Lana Walder 11
Carol White 3
Carol Zippert, Ph.D 2

$1 - $49

Laurel Alder 4
Danny Belanger 1
Erin Belgarde 1
Rhea Beto 1
Wayne Beyer 1
Robin Bosch 2
Nancy Cooper and Curtis Porter 5
Rebecca Engelman 1
Kimberly Gaugler 1
Troyd Geist 1
Sara Germain 5
Abigail Gómez* 2
Kristin Han Burgoyne 6
David Harrelson 1
Lisa Higgins 1
Jon Holt 1
Kent Kapplinger 1
Mary Ellen Kimball 1
Megan Laudenschlager 1
Dr. José and Ingrid Lezcano 3
Virginia Lupi 2
Dawn Mandt 1
Bill Mandicott 13
Janice McNally 1
Barbara Patton 1
Thomas Porter 1
Mollie Quinlan-Hayes 10
Angela Russell 1
Terri Salazar 8
Kathy Signorino 1
Amy Tichy 1
Vanessa Voskuil 1

NASAA Champions

A big shout-out to our Champions! Your monthly gifts provide stability, while helping us carry out our mission every day, making a lasting impact all year long.

Anonymous 12
Pam Breaux 15
Michael Faison* 13
Tatiana Gant 6
Katie Hughes 5
Oneseti Krieger 1

David Schmitz 1
Dara Silver 1
Laura Smith 18
Janet Starke 3
Ronald Stith 3

Gifts Made in Honor

In honor of Kelly Barsdate, made by Jacqueline Berry
In honor of Kelly Barsdate, made by Patricia Bizzell
In honor of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, made by Renee Chatelain
In honor of Mary Bordeaux, made by Pam Breaux
In honor of Pam Breaux, made by Rich Boyd
In honor of Pam Breaux, made by Malissa Shriver
In honor of Mary Britt, made by Tom Cordingley
In honor of Stephanie Conner, made by Anne Pope
In honor of Gary Gibbs, made by Pam Breaux
In honor of Kim Konikow, made by Mike Gardner
In honor of the Minnesota State Arts Board, made by Ardell Brede
In honor of the NASAA staff, made by Randall Rosenbaum
In honor of the New England Foundation for the Arts, made by Cathy Edwards
In honor of the arts leaders of Ohio, made by Donna Collins
In honor of the Oregon Arts Commission, made by Avantika Bawa
In honor of Ken Skrzesz, made by Shelley Morhaim
In honor of Laura Smith, Steve Smith and Bradley Bizzell, made by Patrica Bizzell
In honor of Suzanne Wise, made by Loie Fecteau
In honor of Julie Vigeland, made by Jenny Green
In honor of Gary Young, made by Barbara Schaffer Bacon
In memory of Cheryl Castille, made by Patti B. Nelson
In memory of Jean Boyer Cowling, made by Christine D’Arcy
In memory of Bobby Kadis, made by Kelly Barsdate
In memory of Bobby Kadis, made by Richard and Jan Ritter
In memory of Susan Landis, made by John and Pat Strickland
In memory of Princess Red Wing, co-founder of Tomaquag Museum, made by Lorén Spears
In memory of Steve Smith, made by his mom Patti Bizzell, his brother Bradley Bizzell, and his sister Laura Smith

*2022 NASAA Board Member


This list acknowledges 2021 and 2022 contributions. The number after each name identifies the number of years giving, and the categories reflect the most recent level of giving. Please report any corrections to Katie Hughes.

Foundations & Partners

Our work would not be possible without the commitment and generosity of these important foundations and partners. The following organizations significantly advanced or supported NASAA’s programs and services in 2021 and 2022. Thank you!

In-kind Contributors

In fiscal year 2020*, NASAA members and supporters donated more than 1,000 hours of their time to help advance our work on behalf of state arts agencies. This support makes a big impact by helping us offset direct expenses and match grants and other contributed income. To learn more about in-kind giving to NASAA, please contact Laura Smith.

Thank you to all the following individuals and organizations for their in-kind support.

Thank You

Jennifer Allen-Barron

Anne Alston

Cyndy Andrus

Eduardo Arosemena-Muñoz

Patrick Baker

Jamie Bennett

Tina Betz

Karl Blischke

Mary Bordeaux

Victoria Panella Bourns

Anne Bown-Crawford

Roger Brooks

Ann Brown

Benjamin Brown

Katherin Canton

Cheryl Castille

Christopher Cathers

Donna Collins

Stephanie Conner

Nancy Daugherty

Josh Davis-Ruperto

María López de León

Michael Donovan

Carla Du Pree

Susan DuPlessis

Michael Faison

Mollie Flanagan

Anastasia Freyermuth

Julianne Gadoury

Tatiana Gant

Sue Gens

Monica Grable

Tami Graham

Monica Guzman

Stephanie Haines

Karen Hanan

Porché Hardy

Sharon Hill

Lisa Hoffman

Ayanna Hudson

Margaret Hunt

Michael W. Ibrahim

Sunil Iyengar

Peter Jasso

Diane Jean-Mary

Fritz Jellinghaus

Aviva Kapust

Ayanna Lalia Kiburi

Maurine Knighton

Bonnie Koba

Kim Konikow

Michael Lange

Nashormeh Lindo

Lori Lobenstine

Todd P. Lowe

Tony Manfredi

Gene Meneray

Kevin Miller

Josy Miller

Karen Mittleman

Clifford Murphy

Ivonne Chand O'Neal

Parthenon, LLC

Karen L. Paty

Casey Polczynski

Jane Preston

Julie Richard

Bruce Richardson

Randall Rosenbaum

Omari Rush

Nola Ruth

Sandi Sanders

Mary Margaret Schoenfeld

Amber Sharples

Sandy Shaughnessy

Kenneth Skrzesz

John Strickland

Chad Swan-Badgero

Searle Swedlund

Allison Tratner

Freddy Velez

Julie Vigeland

Mack Wathen

Allison Watson

Stuart Wesier

Carol White

Suzanne Wise

*October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020

NASAA is an independent tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our federal tax identification number is 62-0913689. All donations are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law. We are committed to accountability, transparency, and being excellent stewards of your contributions. Please check us out on Guidestar, or call us directly with any questions at 202-347-6352.

Thank you for your support!