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March 2, 2020

From the Field

Fair Compensation for Artists in Ireland

The Arts Council has published Paying the Artist: An Arts Council policy on the fair and equitable remuneration and contracting of artists. As Ireland’s national arts agency, it is committed to the principle of fair remuneration to artists with a special emphasis on equitable remuneration for equality and diversity in the arts. The best-practice principles include transparency on policies, open communications with artists, continuing improvements in rates, clear and comprehensive contracts with artists, clear accounting of payments and fees to artists, and protection of artists’ copyrights. The publication also includes a time line for implementation, clearly stating actions, desired outcomes and deliverables.

U.K. Digital Culture Survey

Nesta, in affiliation with Arts Council England, is continuing to research the role of technology within arts and cultural organizations in the United Kingdom with its fifth Digital Culture survey report. While American arts organizations were not included in the survey, the report speaks to broader digital changes within arts and cultural institutions. The 2019 survey found stark differences between small and large organizations when it comes to technology and data capabilities. Unlike large organizations, small organizations reported little to no change in revenue generation from digital technology. The survey also found a 9% decrease in the proportion of organizations that agreed their senior management was knowledgeable about digital technology from 2017.

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