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December 5, 2018

Texas: Young Masters Program

Young Masters class of 2018-2019 gathers at the Texas Capitol for orientation. Photo courtesy of Josiane Amezcua

The Young Masters Program is a joint effort of the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) and the Texas Cultural Trust designed to advance the state’s creative economy by investing directly in the education of young artists and, indirectly, in the future of the state’s cultural ecosystem. Through the program, TCA awards grants of $5,000 per year to budding artists in grades 8-11 to further their studies in their chosen arts disciplines. (Home-schooled students who have achieved comparable standing toward high school graduation are also eligible.) The grant, which is not a college scholarship, enables youth artists to further their creative development through a school based arts program, a summer arts institute, private lessons or another specialized course of study. Students may receive Young Masters funding for up to two years, but must submit an annual plan for study and maintain passing school grades in all academic areas. In addition, student applicants must apply jointly with their parents/guardians and an arts instructor. This program is available every other year. TCA manages the program, while the Texas Cultural Trust helps promote it and hosts an awards ceremony for grantees. It also helps underwrite the grants by raising funds from foundations, corporations and individuals. To learn more, contact TCA Program Administrator Chuck Winkler.

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