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December 5, 2018

Nevada: Shaken & Stirred: An Arts & Humanities Mixer

Shaken & Stirred: An Arts & Humanities Mixer is a new event series that the Nevada Arts Council (NAC) and Nevada Humanities developed in effort to commingle creative ideas and people and to enable chance encounters between them. At the events, launched in October in celebration of National Arts & Humanities Month, arts and humanities experts deliver two short presentations on (seemingly) unrelated topics. Afterward, they lead the audience in a conversation that teases out surprising and unexpected connections between the topics and each other. During the first event in Reno, entitled Piracy and Opera, a history professor discussed the social, economic and political impacts of piracy in the French West Indies, while a professional singer and professor of voice and opera reflected on his artistic, spiritual and personal journey. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas event, Body Percussion and Children’s Books, explored the history of both step dance and youth literature. It featured presentations by the founding director of MOLODI, a body-percussion and stepping ensemble, and a writer and program manager at the Black Mountain Institute at University of Los Vegas. For more information on Shaken & Stirred, contact NAC Executive Director Tony Manfredi.

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