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April 4, 2018

Kentucky: Arts Access Assistance Grant

Recognizing that Kentucky residents may be underserved for a variety of reasons—such as age, ethnicity, disability, geographic location or economic status—the Kentucky Arts Council (KAC) designed flexibility into its Arts Access Assistance program so it could annually recalibrate and expand its support of citizens who have limited opportunities to experience the arts. Through the program, KAC awards grants of up to $8,000 to support arts programming in environments where the arts are not the primary emphasis. Grants are available to non-arts entities such as community organizations, public libraries, nursing homes, cooperative extension offices, health departments and social service agencies. In every grant cycle the program focuses on a specific underserved population, and funding eligibility is limited to arts programming serving it. In fiscal year 2019 the theme is “Away from Home,” and Arts Access Assistance grants will benefit families with children who have a parent or another primary caregiver away from home on active duty in the military, in a long-term health care facility or in an institutional setting such as a correctional facility, halfway house, mental health facility or rehabilitation facility. For more information, contact KAC Community Arts and Access Director Todd Cremeans.

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