NASAA Notes: July 2016

July 8, 2016

SAA Grant Making and Funding

Updated annually, NASAA’s State Arts Agency Grant Making and Funding report summarizes aggregated data from two of NASAA’s key data collection efforts: Final Descriptive Report grants data and the state arts agency (SAA) revenues survey. This report provides statistical summaries, tables and charts of SAA grants data including total dollars awarded, number of communities reached, awards by discipline and awards by institution type. The report charts total SAA revenue trends from 1990-2016 and maps the reach of state arts agency grants nationwide.

You  can explore further SAA grant-making trends and details though visualizations on NASAA’s Grant Making page. Find additional visualizations and detailed reporting on state arts agency revenues on NASAA’s Funding page. To request custom reporting or further information for your state, contact NASAA Research Director Ryan Stubbs.

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