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February 5, 2016

Vermont: Vermont Creative Network

The Vermont Creative Network is a new project of the Vermont Arts Council (VAC) that aims to cultivate Vermont’s creative sector and, as a result, to improve quality of life, boost local economies and strengthen the fiber of communities. Germinated in October 2014 and formally launched in November 2015 as part of VAC’s 50th anniversary, the network is to be a broad coalition of organizations, businesses and individuals committed to embedding creativity into Vermont’s DNA. Through it, VAC will foster a number of opportunities for participants, including mentorships and peer-to-peer learning, communication and planning services, cross-sector engagement and other things that advance or leverage creative activities. The network, which will operate on both the statewide and regional levels, will draw on the successes of the Vermont Farm to Plate Network as well as on effective community development practices such as collective impact, results based accountability and appreciative inquiry. A bill recently introduced in the Vermont legislature would codify the Vermont Creative Network and appropriate funding to enable it to realize its goals. Find out more from VAC Director of Outreach and Advancement Zon Eastes.

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