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December 10, 2014

SAA Council Powers and Duties

NASAA has created a new summary report, State Arts Agency Council Terms, Powers and Duties. For SAA staff and council members, this information provides a national aggregation of council goals, functions and mechanisms to enable comparisons of council practices.

The new report considers not only the legislated powers and duties common to many SAA councils but also each council’s specific operating terms, such as:

  • the number of council members
  • how council members and chairs are selected
  • how long council members serve
  • the governor’s and/or legislature’s role

The document is based on council provisions in state statutes and administrative codes. It also reflects council bylaws when available. It does not present, however, a comprehensive picture of SAA councils for several reasons. First, councils may and do achieve more than is required by law. Additionally, council roles and responsibilities can evolve over time.

If you have any updated information about your council, please feel free to share it with us so we can best represent your state in our research.

For additional details on this report, council terms and the statutory language establishing them, contact NASAA Research Manager Paul Pietsch.

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