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May 3, 2013

Tennessee: Summer Arts Education Institute

Create2013, the Tennessee Arts Commission‘s (TAC) third annual Creativity in Education Institute in July, will be of special interest to state arts agencies interested in arts integration models and practices. The conference, hosted in partnership with Middle Tennessee State University, focuses on integrating the arts and the common core curriculum. Nonetheless, the conference is open to all K-12 teachers, arts specialists, special education teachers, teaching artists, librarians, and principals and other school administrators. To activate engagement on multiple levels, Create2013 will feature four types of sessions, ranging from lesson demonstrations to tutorials and workshops on topics relevant to specific grade levels, special education, and school administration. The event also boasts its MindBenders—performances presented by nationally known artists that cue up conversations about the role of creativity and the arts in schools. To learn more, contact TAC Director of Arts Education Ann Brown.

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