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February 10, 2011

Arizona: The Choice is Art Campaign

The Arizona Commission on the Arts (ACA) recently launched The Choice is Art, a four-year promotional campaign for the arts in Arizona. Part of ACA’s strategic plan, the campaign aims to increase public understanding about the benefits of the arts, to encourage public participation in the arts, and to fortify a privately held arts endowment whose funds can be utilized in support of statewide arts programs.

The Choice is Art poster

The campaign is attracting prominent spokespeople, such as pro basketball player Grant Hill, who will record public service announcements for television, radio, print and Internet and will offer personal testimony about the impact of the arts on the lives of children and the role of the arts in developing dynamic communities.

The Choice is Art is focusing initially on the importance of arts education. Over four years the campaign will address additional issues, including the significant contributions of Arizona artists and arts professionals, the positive impact of the arts on community well-being, the economic impact of the arts, and the singular role of the arts in promoting cultural understanding. Find out more from ACA Communications and Research Director Casey Blake or ACA Deputy Director Jaime Dempsey.

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