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February 10, 2011

Georgia: Economic Impact Calculator

To provide timely and targeted data demonstrating the value of the arts, the Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) has launched a new Economic Impact Calculator. This easily accessible, web-based tool uses information from GCA grantees to calculate the impact of the arts on cities, counties and the state as a whole. This tool was developed by a renowned economist on the staff of Georgia State University. It uses expense and audience information from nonprofit arts organizations to perform its calculations. Unlike other available impact calculators, this system is tailored to Georgia’s unique economy by using precise county and city population data and adjusting for applicable local and state tax rates.

To date, Georgia’s calculator includes information from 140 arts nonprofits. According to the calculator, these organizations have produced more than $7.7 million in incremental sales tax revenues and a total economic impact of more than $174 million. The data indicate that arts grantees are providing a 425% tax revenue return on their GCA awards.

GCA will be encouraging all nonprofit arts groups in Georgia to add their information into the system over time. The results will be shared with elected officials and with chambers of commerce, visitor bureaus and development authorities across the state. An accompanying PowerPoint presentation with talking points helps grantees and advocates understand the system and use the information to make a persuasive case for the arts in Georgia. For more information, contact GCA Public Information Officer Jhai James.

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