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October 7, 2010

State Arts Agency Grant Trends

As a national source of information on public arts funding, NASAA provides a knowledge network and fact base to help state arts agencies make informed policy decisions and put their own state’s needs and experiences in context. Providing customized responses to member questions is a hallmark of NASAA. Research on Demand offers specific examples of the NASAA research services available.

As state arts agencies address environmental shifts—economic, cultural and political—many are enacting changes to grant programs. Many of these patterns are catalyzed by the recession and related declines in SAA resources, but some are of a longer-term nature and may have occurred even had the recession not happened.

In response to member requests, NASAA has summarized State Arts Agency Grant Trends. This includes changes to grant programs and adaptations following severe budget reductions, as well as strategic long-term questions.

State Arts Agency Grant Trends complements the SAA grant making statistics and resources on best practices maintained by NASAA. For more information, contact us.


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