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October 7, 2010

Let's Assemble!

I’m delighted that this month NASAA President Suzette Surkamer is writing to Notes readers about the upcoming NASAA Assembly 2010. I hope you can join us in Austin —Jonathan Katz, NASAA CEO

Austin's Sixth Street: ACVB Photo/Denise Chambers

Austin’s Sixth Street ACVB Photo/Denise Chambers

NASAA Assembly 2010 is right around the corner—October 14-16 in Austin, Texas—and I’d like to share with you my anticipation and excitement about this event. I have attended NASAA assemblies for over 30 years, and I can’t wait to see friends and meet new colleagues this year!

I’m sure we are all looking forward to the morning plenary on Friday, October 15, when NASAA CEO Jonathan Katz will talk with National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Chairman Rocco Landesman about the NEA’s priorities, and explore how the federal and state arts agencies can reinforce each others’ efforts. It will be interesting to hear Rocco’s thoughts about how we can continue to collaborate. Throughout the conference, we’ll be enlightened by briefings and dialogues presented and facilitated by people deeply involved in their disciplines, and will receive flashes of inspiration as shared by your state arts agency colleagues. And, of course, we’ll be inspired by a special mix of performers hand-picked by our host, the Texas Commission on the Arts. I extend a hearty thank-you to Executive Director Gary Gibbs and his team for the groundwork they’ve laid and for their down-home hospitality.

Spending quality time in the community of our state arts agency peers is surely one of the main attractions of a gathering like this. Amidst the hubbub of the sessions, many peer groups will meet to share experiences and best practices, and there will be opportunities to greet and chat at the opening reception at Buffalo Billiards as well as at networking meals. I encourage you to take advantage of these times to engage in discussion, exchange great ideas or just catch up with your friends.

We are part of a nationwide assembly—so let’s assemble! Our last formal Assembly was in 2008, so it will be like a reunion and a party to gather in 2010. One of the priorities I noted for our field in my message in January 2010 Notes is to “maintain a continuous open dialogue and orientation practice among ourselves so that [we] know each other, work as a community, are knowledgeable about critical issues facing our field, and are aware of current national initiatives.” What better venue for such activity is there than a gathering of state arts agencies from across the country?

You will come away from this Assembly with rich memories: solutions for both thorny and everyday issues facing state arts agencies; the sounds of Texas rhythms from mariachi to conjunto to western swing; fabulous foods with Tex-Mex zing; and most importantly, the moral support and good advice of friends and associates who share many of the same challenges and aspirations that you do. If you are unable to attend, keep an eye on the NASAA Assembly 2010 website for postconference reports.

I look forward to seeing you at Assembly 2010!

P.S. A reminder that NASAA’s 2011 Annual Fund kicks off this month. When you receive your invitation to participate, remember the important reasons that our assembly needs your support. Thanks in advance for your generous donation!

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