NASAA Notes: May 2024

May 1, 2024

NASAA Board Chair Donna Collins on Arts Engines

For my NASAA Notes column this month, I am excited to share this space with our dedicated and passionate board chair and executive director of the Ohio Arts Council, Donna Collins. In addition to her ongoing service chairing NASAA’s board and Executive Committee, Donna had the opportunity to join Aaron Dworkin for an interview with Arts Engines.

Arts Engines is a program that highlights the perspectives of thought leaders who are creating significant impacts across the arts field. The show reaches over 100,000 audience members weekly and has a global reach. Aaron Dworkin, an accomplished multidisciplinary artist, social entrepreneur, MacArthur Fellow and member of the National Council on the Arts, is the host of Arts Engines. He is also a former member of the Michigan Arts and Culture Council. As Aaron says, Arts Engines is the place “where we learn about and learn from the leaders in our field who are powering human creativity.”

In her interview with Aaron, Donna talks about state arts agencies, leadership and arts advocacy. The piece is about 13 minutes long.

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