NASAA Notes: April 2022

April 5, 2022

Vermont: Digital Capacity Initiative

A smiling man wearing headphones gestures to a webcam while surrounded by multiple computer monitors and tech accessories.

Vermont’s Digital Capacity Initiative helps arts organizations use digital platforms. Photo courtesy of Media Factory

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked significant growth in online arts participation. Even as audiences return to live events, cultural organizations are continuing to use digital platforms to deepen community engagement and make arts programs more accessible to the public. The Vermont Arts Council has launched a new initiative to support continued innovation and expansion in this realm.

Digital Capacity Grants will help cultural organizations create, distribute and promote digital content for Vermont communities. Funds can support:

  • improvements to websites, e-commerce platforms and ticketing systems
  • digital initiatives to engage new audiences
  • equipment for digital content production
  • staff positions and training dedicated to digital work
  • contracts for digital services (such as captioners, camera crews and web designers)
  • costs for licensing rights (and related attorney fees)
  • development of online marketing strategies

Digital Capacity Grants are made possible through a special $1.15 million appropriation of state funds from the Vermont General Assembly. Awards, which do not require a cash match, will range from $5,000-$30,000, depending on the scope of the project and the size of the applicant organization’s budget. Some multiyear grants will be awarded to support larger collaborative projects.

Meanwhile, the Arts Council is expanding its portfolio of related technical assistance services to build the digital skills of artists and arts groups across the state. Examples include:

To learn more about this digital capacity initiative, review the grant program guidelines or contact Vermont Arts Council Deputy Director Amy Cunningham.

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