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June 5, 2019

Staffing Trends Report Now Includes Demographics

NASAA released a new State Arts Agency Staffing TrendsM report earlier this spring highlighting data and results from the Fiscal Year 2019 Staffing and Compensation Survey, NASAA’s most recent assessment of state arts agency human resources. The report and the data, all available to NASAA members, offer key and actionable information for planning, budgeting and recruiting.

For the first time, NASAA’s FY2019 Staffing and Compensation Survey asked questions about the demographics of state arts agency staff and council members. These vitally important data give NASAA a glimpse of the current diversity of the state arts agency field, which can help guide future strategies for improving equity and inclusion.

Findings from the report indicate that state arts agencies have been remarkably resourceful in adapting to personnel shortfalls in recent years—staffing remains 7% below FY2009 levels and agencies have 19% fewer administrative staff than they did prior to the Great Recession.

However, state arts agencies still have work to do toward achieving a more equitable, diverse and younger talent pool. State arts agency personnel are diverse, but do not fully mirror the demographics of the general public. Less than 25% of state arts agency staff are people of color compared to 39% of the U.S. population. 26% of state arts agency staff are 35 or younger. While this is on par for the public sector, individuals 35 or younger make up 35% of the broader U.S. work force.

In addition to staffing data, NASAA maintains a data bank of state arts agency job descriptions and announcements across many positions. Contact Patricia Mullaney-Loss to request this information.


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