NASAA Notes: July 2017

July 11, 2017

SAA FY2018 Appropriations Preview

The FY2018 State Arts Agency Legislative Appropriations Preview provides a succinct forecast of state government funding for the arts in the new fiscal year, which for most states started July 1, 2017. The report includes aggregate funding trends, state-by-state appropriations figures, percentage changes from fiscal years 2017 to 2018 and per capita ranking. These figures are merely a snapshot of SAA funding, and will adjust over time as revenue projections and budget deliberations are finalized in all 56 states and jurisdictions. Still, the publication offers the most accurate view of state arts agency budgets for FY2017, which is particularly valuable given that a number of states reported decreased FY2017 appropriations due to midyear budget cuts.

Interested in how your state compares to others in your region, or how your state’s funding has changed over time? NASAA can provide in-depth custom reporting on state arts agency funding. Contact NASAA Research Associate Patricia Mullaney-Loss for customized appropriations information, or explore the newly updated per capita appropriations explorer on NASAA’s Funding page.

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