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April 7, 2016

Massachusetts: Creative Minds Out Loud Podcast

Creative Minds Out Loud is the new Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) podcast “for arts and culture nerds.” An outgrowth of MCC’s many inspiring site visits with grantees and other constituents, the podcast highlights the state’s cultural capital. Through it, MCC is trying to expand the reach of the peer-to-peer learning and support engendered by its regular visits with arts professionals from across the sector. MCC Executive Director Anita Walker hosts informative and lively conversations with local, state and national arts leaders. Recent episodes feature Artists For Humanity’s executive/artistic director, Americans for the Arts’s president and CEO, Boston Children’s Chorus’s artistic director, Provincetown Art Association and Museum’s executive director, and the EcoTarium’s director of exhibits. MCC archives episodes of the podcast along with transcripts and bonus materials such as videos. It’s also is available via iTunes and Stitcher. To learn more, contact MCC Digital Communications Manager Dawn Heinen.

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