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June 4, 2014

Alaska: New Pathways | Alaska

Recognizing the growing challenges facing nonprofit arts groups, the Alaska State Council on the Arts(ASCA) is partnering with the Rasmuson Foundation and the Foraker Group (a private foundation and a statewide nonprofit association, respectively) to launch an EmcArts program to help arts organizations chart their course toward resiliency. New Pathways | Alaska will provide free “adaptive assistance” to 20 arts groups over the course of four years. In two cycles, staggered one-year apart, each cohort of 10 organizations will participate in nine virtual workshops and three peer-to-peer forums before working one-on-one with nonprofit-sustainability experts. Each group then will design, prototype and implement an innovation strategy with the help of a $20,000 grant. A limited number of multiyear capital grants of about $75,000 each will be available on a competitive basis for scaling these strategies.Participating groups will share what they learn to help each other and, ultimately, to guide the evolution of the arts and culture sector in Alaska and across the country. Learn more from ASCA Executive Director Shannon Daut.

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