NASAA Notes: February 2014


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February issue
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February 5, 2014

Updated Grant-Making Fact Sheets

One way NASAA reports on state arts agency (SAA) grant-making trends is through a series of succinct fact sheets articulating the national impact of SAA grants in key areas. These fact sheets include topical overviews, historic trends, descriptive statistics on activities and disciplines, and national maps showing the reach of SAA grants. NASAA recently updated these state arts agency grant-making fact sheets:

The overviews and current facts and statistics in these documents provide a resource for state arts agencies in analyzing their own programs, and serve as national overviews of the types of activities state arts agencies support.

NASAA can create custom grant-making reports and comparative analyses for members. For more information, or if you have general questions about grant making, contact NASAA Research Director Ryan Stubbs or National Standard Associate Kelly Liu.