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February 5, 2014

Pennsylvania: Arts Map Demonstrates Impact of Partnerships

Screenshot of the website of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) serves a diverse state with cultural and physical topographies as variegated as Philadelphia to the east, Pittsburgh to the west and the Allegheny Mountains in between. Through its Arts in Education (AIE) Partnership, PCA works with a network of arts organizations acting as local and regional partners to provide high-quality arts education via artist residencies and collaborations between schools and arts organizations. To empower Pennsylvanians’ access to the AIE Partnership network, PCA recently launched Arts Map, an on-line, interactive, customizable mapping tool that enables users to locate AIE Partnership opportunities relative to AIE Partner regions, municipal and county lines, school districts, congressional and state legislative districts, and other cartographic features. The mapping interface (accessible via Internet Explorer and Firefox) produces exportable reports that narrow searches to the granularity of project type, discipline and fiscal year. Arts Map illustrates the reach of arts education in Pennsylvania and endeavors to increase awareness of PCA’s role as a statewide facilitator of local arts engagement. Contact PCA Arts in Education Division Director Jamie Dunlap for further information.