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April 5, 2012

Indiana: Grant Panel Audio Files Service

As a service to its grant applicants, the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) had been recording audio from its grant panels and sending interested potential grantees a CD of the proceedings. Once the arts council’s website had the capability to host the audio files in 2010, the process was streamlined to allow grantees and others to download the files themselves within a few days of the proceedings. This audio-sharing strategy enhances panel proceedings as a learning and technical assistance resource while also demonstrating IAC’s public accessibility and transparency. The Panel Audio page is popular, with about 400 visits in 2011, most of which took place in the months the panels meet. The Commission has been using a portable digital recorder to record the sessions, and recently upgraded this equipment to improve audio quality. In addition to listening to the audio files, visitors to the page can view lists of awardees. To learn more, contact IAC Marketing and Grant Communications Manager Laura Frank.

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