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March 12, 2010

Maine: Creative Communities = Economic Development Grant

The Maine Arts Commission recently announced the Creative Communities = Economic Development (CCED) grant to activate the concept that Maine’s quality of place is the state’s primary economic asset. The CCED grant supports dialogue and partnerships that encourage the cultural, economic and governmental sectors to work together to effect community revitalization. Two $50,000 consortium grants will be awarded to communities/regions with a strong commitment to inter-sector collaboration and that seek to strengthen the cultural assets of their community. The award will be shared by two or more nonprofit cultural organizations within the geographic community or region. The Maine Arts Commission intends the CCED to provide the cultural sector with significant funds to contribute to plans and initiatives that stimulate the local economy, strengthen the role of arts and culture, and enhance their community’s quality of place. The response to the grant has exceeded the Commission’s expectations. In many communities it is the first time the three sectors have come together to discuss the ways in which arts and culture can benefit the economic revitalization of communities. For more information about the CCED grant, contact Maine Arts Commission Executive Director Donna McNeil.