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May 7, 2009

Missouri: Arts Summit

In April, the Missouri Arts Council (MAC) sponsored the state’s first Arts Summit. Held simultaneously at seven sites throughout the state, the summit provided representatives of the state’s arts organizations with the opportunity to learn valuable and cost-effective ways to deal with the economic climate. The event afforded participants opportunities to network, discuss potential collaborations, share ideas, promote their organizations and strengthen their regional network. A centerpiece of the event was a webinar based on the book, Coping with Cutbacks: The Nonprofit Guide to Success When Times Are Tight. The format of the summit, which was held in conjunction with regional meetings, replaced the model of a statewide conference with a more accessible and affordable regionally focused alternative. As an incentive to increase participation and maximize board participation, the cost of the event was per organization and decreased with additional representatives from each organization. The summit was attended by more than 230 individuals representing more than 100 organizations. The consensus from attendees was that the regional meeting format provided as much value as the webinar. MAC plans to repeat this event three times in the upcoming year, in addition to another event specifically focused on arts education. To learn more, contact MAC Program Specialist Michael Donovan.

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