NASAA 2019 Leadership Institute - Providence, Rhode Island

2019 Leadership Institute Proceedings

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Welcome Plenary and Roll Call of the States

How Grant Makers Can Encourage Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Georgia Council for the Arts Executive Director Karen Paty moderated a dialogue with Grantmakers in the Arts President & CEO Eddie Torres and Boston University Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion Crystal Williams exploring how grant makers can lead diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Topics included strategies for lifting the work necessary to root grant-making practices in DEI, building internal and external coalitions of support, and using communication strategies that embrace broad participation and drive change.

National Endowment for the Arts Plenary

Plenary: How Alaska Came Back

Alaska State Council on the Arts (ASCA) Chairman Benjamin Brown and Executive Director Andrea Noble shared their experiences of the defunding and triumphant return of the state arts agency. In July we learned of the Alaska governor’s line item veto of the full fiscal year 2020 budget for ASCA. In a testament to the power of advocacy, the agency’s full budget was restored in August in a supplemental budget bill and left intact by the governor. Our colleagues told of navigating troubling waters this summer, and we saluted their success.

Closing Plenary

Peer Sessions

Chairs and Council Members Notes

Executive Directors Notes

Deputy/Assistant Directors Notes

Equity in the Panel Room Training

Leadership Training Workshops

Mindfulness for Leadership

Inclusive Leadership

No Advocacy Group? Let’s Talk!

Strategic Partnership Sessions

Partnering for Public Health: Rhode Island Arts and Health Network

Collaboration in Creative Aging

Economically Sound: Creating Partnerships for Economic Development

Arts and culture are a vital component for state economies, but it is the behind-the-scenes partnerships that make the connections and keep the wheels moving. Your peers from Colorado Creative Industries and the Maryland State Arts Council described how they translate their work into terms economic developers understand and cultivate strategic partnerships to help drive creative industries forward in their states.

What’s Next for the National Endowment for the Arts Partnership Program?

Michael Orlove and Andi Mathis of the National Endowment for the Arts facilitated a discussion about the future of the State & Regional Partnerships Program, inviting state and regional leaders to contribute to a conversation designed to help inform moving the program forward.