NASAA Notes: March 2024

March 13, 2024

From the Research Team

FY2024 State Arts Agency Revenues

NASAA has released its Fiscal Year 2024 State Arts Agency Revenues report detailing the latest funding data. FY2024 total legislative appropriations for state arts agencies fell 24% to $741 million, down from a historic high of $971 million in FY2023. The aggregate decrease is attributable to large nonrecurring investments in California and New York appropriated in the prior fiscal year. While lower than FY2023’s peak funding, FY2024 appropriations remained above prepandemic levels, and 39 states saw budget increases this fiscal year.

Healthy reserve levels have many states well-equipped to navigate potential economic downturns. However, recovery trajectories vary state by state and the phasing out of federal pandemic aid—particularly from the American Rescue Plan Act—injects fiscal uncertainty, making it difficult to predict how well budgets will withstand forthcoming challenges.

Detailed tables from the FY2024 Revenues report describe SAA funding within national trends. This year’s report includes supplemental funding from state, regional and private organizations. An accompanying press release provides a synopsis of the findings.

NASAA’s interactive dashboards for FY2024 appropriations and revenue data also allow exploration of state level per capita appropriations, top-line appropriation figures, trends over time, funding sources and regional comparisons.

For up-to-date information and insights on the new revenue data, follow NASAA on Facebook, LinkedIn and X. In addition, NASAA’s website offers a wealth of case-making aids, including research and advocacy resources to assist state arts agencies and their partners to effectively communicate compelling evidence regarding the economic, educational, community well-being and other benefits of the arts and state arts agencies.

NASAA can provide customized funding analysis for any members upon request, including information on per capita rankings, supplemental funds, line item funds and trends over time. Contact NASAA Research Associate Nakyung Rhee to request information tailored to your needs.

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