NASAA Notes: July 2024

July 2, 2024

State Arts Agency Grant Making Facts

NASAA maintains a series of grant making fact sheets that provide a comprehensive overview of state arts agency (SAA) grant making across both grant types and community demographics. Each year, we update the sheets with new SAA data provided by states through final descriptive reports, which contain information on grants awarded, total dollars and grant recipients.

Located on NASAA’s Grant Making and Funding pages, these resources offer interactive data visualizations and detailed reports on SAA grant-making trends and revenues. A snapshot of funding—national aggregates and state by state—can be found in the State Arts Agency Grant Making and Funding Summary. The newest data available for fiscal year 2021 shows that states awarded 30,320 grants totaling nearly $450 million.

To assist in understanding the state of current grant funding, NASAA provides breakdowns of SAA grant making by grant type. Each of the following fact sheets includes updated fiscal year 2021 data, a map of grant locations and trends over the past decade of funding:

NASAA has updated the fact sheets that provide a national analysis on both the organizational size of grant recipients and the demographics of communities receiving grants:

Stay tuned for updates to the Arts Education and Social Vulnerability fact sheets in the coming weeks.

These resources highlight the many ways state arts agencies support arts and creativity. For additional information or customized reports tailored to your state, please contact NASAA Senior Director of Research Ryan Stubbs.

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