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July 2, 2024

From the Field

Supporting Staff Wellness

The Center for Effective Philanthropy has published a research snapshot on staff wellness at nonprofit organizations. How Foundations Are Supporting Grantee Staff Well-Being surveyed foundations on their understanding and concern for the well-being of staff at the organizations they fund. Staff burnout can affect the ability of grantees to achieve their goals, so foundations have reported a keen interest in supporting them with capacity building grants and wellness services. This research snapshot is part of a larger report, State of Nonprofits 2024: What Funders Need to Know, an annual survey of hundreds of nonprofit leaders which asks about their staffing, organizational finances and relationships with funders.

A Toolkit for Building Partnerships

The American Library Association, supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, has published Partnering for Stronger Programming: A Toolkit for Libraries, a free resource to help libraries establish and maintain impactful partnerships. Although designed for library workers, the toolkit’s actionable steps, editable online forms and tutorial videos offer valuable insights for forming sustainable partnerships, achieving goals, expanding organizational capacity and thoughtfully engaging with partners for any organization seeking effective collaboration. A toolkit and resources are provided.

Large U.S. Nonprofit Funding Strategies

A new study from the Bridgespan Group, Funding Strategies of Large U.S. Nonprofits, explores the funding strategies of large US-based nonprofits. The study found that over 90% of nonprofits with over $50 million in annual revenue raised most of their funds from a single category of funding, such as government or program revenue. The new study also showed that an increasing share of large organizations now rely on philanthropy as their primary source of funding. This share represents an increase from 2007, when the first iteration of the study was conducted.

While a link to the original study is currently not available, you can access a summary of the study and a pdf of funding categories.

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