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September 13, 2022

Missouri: Featured Artists Program

A collage of the August 2022 Missouri Featured Artists Program (left to right): Image of a book cover titled, "The Languages of Trees" by Steve Wiegenstein with the image of two pinecones and pine needles; a red metal sculpture of a horse by Butch Murphy placed in an outdoor setting; Paige Alyssa, a Black artist singing on stage; an encaustic painting of a butterfly on the top half and a collage of a rising sun.

August 2022 Missouri Featured Artists

Artists play a pivotal role in fueling a creative state. In an effort to promote and support local artists, the Missouri Arts Council launched the Featured Artists program. Through this initiative, the council spotlights four individual artists each month who are producing original work in a variety of art mediums and genres, including but not limited to visual art, literature, music, video, dance, theatre, storytelling and traditional arts. The artists are showcased on the Arts Council’s home page, on the Featured Artists page on the website, in a monthly email, in social media and in links to the artists’ websites.

The goal is to curate an inclusive and diverse mix of artists that reflect many different aspects of traditional and contemporary Missouri culture. The agency highlights their works and drives online visitor traffic to their websites, where audiences can read more about their work, learn about upcoming performances or exhibits, and interact with their digital markets. In addition to the promotional support, artists receive a $300 stipend to feature their work online, with administrative assistance from Mid-America Arts Alliance. For more information, contact Missouri Arts Council Executive Director Michael Donovan.

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