NASAA Notes: November 2021

November 1, 2021

From the Research Team

Information Services Requests for Fiscal Year 2021

As part of NASAA’s service to state arts agencies and the greater arts and cultural field, NASAA responds to requests for information on a wide variety of arts, culture and economic topics. In fiscal year 2021, NASAA staff fulfilled nearly 500 of these information requests from state and jurisdictional arts agencies (SAAs), partners and the public. Requests included providing data to help SAAs support planning, advocacy and program design, and answering questions related to emergency COVID-19 pandemic funding, among others. Twenty-one states requested a special service such as commissioned research, speaking engagements, or in-depth technical assistance.

The majority of requests involved topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion (17%), followed by questions regarding advocacy (13%). Other categories included federal reporting and grant making. The largest share of requests were made by SAAs (80%). Nonmembers (other than the National Endowment for the Arts, regional arts organizations and the press) comprised the second largest group (12%).

For a list of sample questions and requests, read the full report. For questions about NASAA’s information services, contact Research Manager Mohja Rhoads. To ask NASAA a question, please visit our Ask NASAA page!

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