NASAA Notes: August 2021

August 3, 2021

From the Research Team

Preview of State Arts Agency FY2022 Appropriations

NASAA regularly publishes reports that contain projections of the subsequent fiscal year’s legislative appropriations, which for most states begins on July 1. They include aggregate funding trends, state-by-state appropriations figures, percentage changes from one year to another and per capita ranking. The FY2022 State Arts Agency Legislative Appropriations Preview forecasts that appropriations to state arts agencies are expected to increase by 49.5%, reaching $629.7 million in the new fiscal year. They are not adjusted for inflation, but the FY2022 projection marks a new record high for the total appropriations to state arts agencies.

These figures are a snapshot of the forecasted state arts agency funding, and will be adjusted over time as revenue projections and budget deliberations are finalized in all 56 states and jurisdictions.

NASAA can provide in-depth custom reporting on state arts agency funding. If you are interested in comparing your state to others in your region, or in year-over-year comparisons, contact NASAA Senior Director of Research Ryan Stubbs for tailored appropriations information. You also can explore the newly updated Projected Per Capita Legislative Appropriations to State Arts Agencies map on NASAA’s Funding Page.

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