NASAA Notes: May 2020

May 7, 2020

From the Research Team

Facts and Figures on the Creative Economy

NASAA has updated our Facts & Figures on the Creative Economy to reflect the latest data on the economic value added by arts and culture in the United States. Drawn from multiple studies, this collection of national level data provides topline figures in four critical areas: investment and participation, the workforce, places and innovation, and cultural tourism. It also includes links to both source data and state level breakdowns, offering insight into individual states’ contributions to the larger national creative economy where possible.

NASAA members use this resource to:

  • cite digestible, high level data on the creative economy within their communications
  • easily pull topline data into talking points for legislators
  • compare state level creative economy data to national sources
  • find the right data to provide to specific audiences (for example, cultural tourism data that speaks to chambers of commerce and tourism officials)
  • begin further research into state creative economies

If you have questions related to this page or other creative economy resources, or would like to discuss which data will be most relevant to your state efforts, contact NASAA Research Associate Declan Wicks. NASAA will continue to update our creative economy resources in the coming months, so please reach out if you have suggestions for data or research that would be particularly useful to have at your fingertips.