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December 2, 2019

NASAA News and Current Information

NASAA Web Seminar on National Endowment for the Arts Living Traditions Report

Join NASAA and the National Endowment for the Arts on December 11, 3:00-4:00 p.m. Eastern, for a look at the Arts Endowment’s most recent report, Living Traditions, the first-ever analysis of its Folk & Traditional Arts awards program. Arts Endowment Research & Analysis Director Sunil Iyengar and Folk and Traditional Arts Director Clifford Murphy discuss the program’s impact, especially in rural, high-poverty and historically marginalized communities. They also review the recommendations included in the report. State arts agencies play a pivotal role in sustaining and celebrating our nation’s cultural roots and living traditions, making this research especially relevant to our network. Register today. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Eric Giles and include your name, title, agency name and phone number in your e-mail.

New Research Column Coming in January NASAA Notes

Beginning in January, NASAA Notes readers can find useful research briefs in one spot. The former Research on Demand column will have a new name and will incorporate both new NASAA research products and hand-picked research from the field. The Announcements and Resources column (NASAA News and Current Information) will continue to contain NASAA resources, opportunities for the field and personnel notices.

Live Video Orientation to NASAA for Council Members

Would you like to educate your councillors or board members about all that NASAA has to offer, but can’t find the time? Arrange an orientation to NASAA services via live video. From your offices—or wherever your council members are—they’ll see how NASAA’s research and advocacy tools can boost their skills as ambassadors for your agency and the arts. They’ll also learn the many ways NASAA helps them connect with their state arts agency colleagues around the nation. The 30-minute orientation allows time for questions, too. Contact NASAA Communications Manager Sue Struve to plan your session!

Mindfulness Meditation

Practicing mindfulness supports focus, listening, attention and stronger connection to others, while easing reactivity and stress—a real asset to state arts agencies! If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness and explore ways to practice it in your work life, contact NASAA Chief Advancement Officer Laura Smith, 202-347-7066. She has training in meditation and experience in helping creative professionals build a practice that supports their goals and well-being. Laura has organized a group of state arts agency staff and council members that meditates via conference call several times a week, and you are welcome to join.

Keep State Arts Agencies Connected

A new year is right around the corner, and with it come new opportunities and challenges! It’s comforting to know that whatever comes your way, you have a community that has your back. NASAA is here for you. Through NASAA, state arts agencies can find one-of-a-kind connection, support and advice. You can help strengthen our community by joining our Better Together campaign. Please give now to help us meet our $25,000 goal by December 31. Our community is special and your gift keeps it strong. Thank you!

World Health Organization Report on Arts and Health

A new report from the World Health Organization, What Is the Evidence on the Role of the Arts in Improving Health and Well-being? synthesizes findings from more than 900 articles related to the arts and both mental and physical health outcomes. The results of the metaanalysis found growing evidence to support arts interventions in health care and also found that certain arts interventions had economic benefits as well—showing equivalent or greater cost-effectiveness compared to other possible health interventions. The report concludes with policy considerations, encouraging more inclusive arts based health programs and strengthening partnerships between health and arts sectors.

The Arts and Healthy Communities

A new white paper, Creating Healthy Communities through Cross-sector Collaboration, is a product of the collaboration between The Center for Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida and ArtPlace America. This paper frames the value of arts and culture for advancing health and well-being in communities, with examples of impactful collaborations engaging the arts and culture. Five critical public health issues are given an in-depth look in the paper: collective trauma, racism, social isolation and exclusion, mental health, and chronic disease. The paper includes recommendations and a call to action based on examples in these five areas and illuminates community development priorities within the public health sector.

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