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June 15, 2018

Interactive Database of State Creative Economy Studies

States measure their creative economies and unique cultural assets through a variety of methods. NASAA has created the Interactive Database of State Creative Economy Studies (IDSCES) to showcase the wide-ranging approaches to the creative economy that states have used across the country. Drawing on 98 unique, publicly available creative economy studies conducted in 45 states, the database unearths various methods including in-depth case studies, input-output (economic impact) models, surveys, secondary data reporting, indexing systems and mixed-methods approaches.

All of the studies are easily searchable: first select a state and then select a state level study to discover its purpose, methods, key data points and a direct link to the full report.

Learn more about how IDSCES is situated within NASAA’s suite of creative economy resources by reading State Arts Agencies and Creative Economy Research: Frequently Asked Questions. Contact Ryan Stubbs for help accessing and using creative economy resources for your state.

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