NASAA Notes: November 2017

November 6, 2017

State Arts Agency Support for Folk Arts

Folk and traditional arts receive significant investment from state arts agencies due to their cultural, educational and economic importance. As a new way to communicate state arts agency support of folk and traditional arts, this interactive dashboard, State Arts Agency Support for Folk Arts looks at current and long-term support of this important discipline. This visualization celebrates state arts agencies’ folk arts grant programs all over the country, revealing:

  • who receives folk arts grants,
  • what kinds of activities these grants support,
  • how awards made to folk arts compare to grant making in other disciplines,
  • and how folk arts grant making has changed over time.

You can explore the visualization in a few ways—scroll over the interactive map for more details on distinct awards, drill down to a specific state through the map or select the printable version if you want to look at it off-line.

As always, please contact the NASAA research team with any questions or to request custom visualizations.

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