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November 5, 2016

South Dakota: 50 Artists to Watch

This year, the South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC) is celebrating its 50th anniversary by honoring the contributions of the state’s creative ecosystem to its social, political and economic well-being. To this end, SDAC launched a special project, 50 Artists to Watch, to highlight the work and processes of South Dakotan visual, performing and literary artists of various backgrounds and practices. The 50 Artists to Watch web page and its related blog present brief but incisive summaries and an accompanying photograph of each featured artist. SDAC curated the 50 artists from those nominated by their peers based on several factors, including creative progress, active public engagement and diversity. Collectively, they map the contours of South Dakota’s manifold cultural landscape. 50 Artists to Watch—which does not list or rank the state’s “best” artists, but rather simply shares the breadth and depth of South Dakotan creativity—has been a popular initiative. Its blog posts reach on average nearly six times more people than the rest of SDAC’s social media outreach. As a result, SDAC plans to develop additional ways to spotlight the many more artists who should be watched. To learn more, contact SDAC Assistant Director Rebecca Cruse.

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