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January 10, 2016

Updated SAA Staffing Data

NASAA is now able to offer the most current state arts agency (SAA) staffing data based on our recently compiled fiscal year 2016 SAA Staff Size and Compensation Survey. NASAA offers customized salary and staffing comparisons to help you evaluate how pay rates in your agency measure up to salaries in agencies with similar budgets, staff sizes or regional affiliations.

Many members use this information to inform recruiting plans, budget justifications and agency performance audits. Please contact NASAA Research Associate Henry Clapp to request custom staffing data. Note that NASAA will only release these data to state arts agency staff with the approval of an executive director.

In addition to customized tables, NASAA will be reporting on national staffing trends in the coming months, including an analysis of postrecession staffing trends. Be on the lookout for this analysis this spring.

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