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December 9, 2016

Connecticut: Human-Centered Design Yields New Strategic Plan and Diversity Statement

The Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) recently adopted its new 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, which it developed through human-centered design, an approach often used by architects and other designers that is based on understanding people’s needs, hopes and abilities. COA began its strategic planning process by recognizing the limitations of quantifying the arts, for some of the best metrics for evaluating its work are constituents’ personal stories. To gather these unique perspectives, COA conducted a number of one-on-one interviews as well as 11 charrettes—which it organized with its regional service organizations—that convened artists, teaching artists, arts organizations, arts patrons, community leaders, government officials and others. COA also leveraged social media to connect with additional stakeholders and conducted secondary research. From what it learned, COA created a five-year plan with an agenda to grow as an agency by working collaboratively, telling the story of the arts in Connecticut and nurturing arts audiences across the state. The plan’s realization will be guided by COA’s revised mission and vision statements and its new statement on relevance, equity, access, diversity and inclusion, all within the framework of artistic excellence. For more information, contact COA Director Kristina Newman-Scott.

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